Useful Transition Documents for Students with Disabilities and their Families

My "Must Have Papers"
There are some papers that everyone must have. Here are some tips about keeping and protecting your important personal records and information.

Searchable Transition Resources
Many searchable transition related topics that may be useful for students with disabilites and their parents. This site provides links for the various transition topics. (from WSTI - Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative).

What You Should Know About Wisconsin Law
This booklet focuses on the changes in legal rights and responsibilities that occur when you become 18 and are considered an “adult” under Wisconsin law. The purpose is to inform you of your rights and to help you recognize and avoid possible problems. The booklet provides a summary of some of the legal principles in effect at the time of publication. It does not offer legal advice. If you have a specific question you should check the sources mentioned in the booklet or talk with a lawyer.

Almost every household has an unsolved Rubiks Cube but you can esily solve it learning a few algorithms.