What is a Professional Development Plan (PDP)?

The Professional Development Plan is a job-embedded, sustained professional development endeavor that, upon successful completion, will lead to verifiable professional growth and demonstrate the impact of the professional growth on student learning.

Who is required to do a PDP?

Educators who completed an educator preparation program after August 31, 2004, must complete a Professional Development Plan. Educators who completed an educator preparation program before August 31, 2004, were grandfathered in, and have the option to do credits or a Professional Development Plan.

What is the process for doing a PDP?

A PDP has four main steps in the process (Reflection, Writing the Plan, Annual Review of the Plan, and Documentation of the Completed Plan). An initial educator must have his/her goal approved by a DPI trained team member in year two of the plan. For more information on writing your plan we have provided a few links for you to access.